Why Linux Sux? Yes why does it?!

Seems Linux advocates have taken the Why Linux Sux? album in the gallery (edit: 2015 - gallery removed, please use the links below) a little the wrong way. So let's just put it here for the record:


I have made the full size screen shots available for download here:

Ok. Stop the e-mail! I know what people are saying is partly true - the "Why Linux Sux?" album is a bit of "bad press" for Linux. But notice the "?" after the title? This is posed as a question: Yes why, indeed, does Microsoft think Linux is bad for business?

A warrior is encouraged to "know thy enemy" and I advocate this stance. Hence the reason I am hosting Microsoft's own sales education material. As Linux promoters, we need to know what the alternatives (sic) are in the same market space and what the promoters of the alternatives are using to get an edge.

I use Linux professionally and also run a consultancy business to specifically target and encourge small to medium business to invest in open-source offerings such as Linux and/or FreeBSD etc. I was very interested to learn about Microsoft's marketing tactics as I can now more effectively sell my services and better promote free (GPL/BSD) alternatives to directly counter the "opposition".

Having said all that I work for a company that has seen an increasing role for open-source products in it's core infrastructure. In fact our entire DNS, e-mail and web proxy infrastructure runs on a mix of Linux and FreeBSD. Our CTO is a (was?) a BIG MS fan until we started doing more with "obsoleted" hardware for less money than what the Microsoft Marketdroids were quoting. We have almost won over the CTO on expanding the reach of OSS alternatives. Not through being Linux zealots, but rather proving that OSS can make a viable contribution to the organisation. Let's drop the holy-war, and get back to doing what OSS has always done best - making great software!! :-)

Software bug that's a killer

We all know that buggy software is a pain (Windows 3.1 anyone??) but what if your SCUBA computer had a bug that could kill you?!

This article lifted from Slashdot A wrist computer that tracks and calculates safe diving times and limits for SCUBA divers had a dangerous software bug that may have been covered up by company executives. This SF Chronicle article details the product and the problem with it. According to the Chron article, company execs tried to cover up and deny the problem for years, but their company website makes it look like they did a voluntary recall.

Greeks on the Roof - what the??

Back to the latest "info-tainment" drivel..... Channel 7 have recruited a great commedian "Effie", to host this show which was a good choice but to basically take a 99.9% "The Kumars" rip-off, make it Greek, screen it at the same time and not even trying to hide these seems as though they actually want this show to fail! I for one don't care much for either "The Kumars" or "Greeks on the Roof" but I needed to vent this little angst where I knew it would be published ;)

UPDATE: 26-May-2003 Seems a few people visiting this site have got this little rant all wrong. This is not a winge about our Greek-Australian friends or people with Greek origins in general. I have many friends of Greek heritage. There are more idiot full-blood Aussies than Aussies with Greek ethnicity in total! So please. Stop the e-mail with "you hate Greeks...blah, blah, blah" because I dont! This was simply an opportunity to slag off at Channel 7.

Going to Oran Park!

Yay! I'm booked and paid and going racing at Oran Park!! My best mate Chris, another old school friend, Matt, and myself are going "racing". Matt is going to bringing his MV Augusta to the track for the first time and Chris is bikeless :-/

I'll be taking my camera and posting back some photo's when they're developed. Until then, read about the ride day here. Follow the links to the "Test ride the CBR600RR" on the flash page.