Greeks on the Roof - what the??

Back to the latest "info-tainment" drivel..... Channel 7 have recruited a great commedian "Effie", to host this show which was a good choice but to basically take a 99.9% "The Kumars" rip-off, make it Greek, screen it at the same time and not even trying to hide these seems as though they actually want this show to fail! I for one don't care much for either "The Kumars" or "Greeks on the Roof" but I needed to vent this little angst where I knew it would be published ;)

UPDATE: 26-May-2003 Seems a few people visiting this site have got this little rant all wrong. This is not a winge about our Greek-Australian friends or people with Greek origins in general. I have many friends of Greek heritage. There are more idiot full-blood Aussies than Aussies with Greek ethnicity in total! So please. Stop the e-mail with "you hate Greeks...blah, blah, blah" because I dont! This was simply an opportunity to slag off at Channel 7.


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