Phew! Now I can talk about it!!

At last. I can make a mention on my weblog about the biggest news in our household since Nat and I got married; we are expecting our first child! :-) WOOT! Nat's now 12 weeks into the whole pregnancy thing and (now that the morning sickness has abated) is actually starting to enjoy it! Poor thing. Talk about feeling useless; Nat's been feeling like she been on a permanent diet of "dodgey chicken" and I couldn't do anything to help. I guess making sure there's a bucket near the bed and a towel, and making sure there's a bottle of water for her to sip etc, is helping, but I wanted her to feel better. I guess that's part of the "team thing" - she carries the child, I'm the support crew. Speaking of support, it's amazing how bad the doctor's insurance debarcle has affected obstetrics in the Illawarra. We are fully insured private patients but Nat can't get in to see an obstetrician until mid February! There's just not enough specialists to go around. It's very frustrating but what can we do? I really hope our medical system doesn't end like the USA. That would be hell.

As for the whole fatherhood thing, well I guess it's growing on me. It's something I have to get used to and I've still got a few months yet. The thing that made it difficult was that Nat fell prgnant so quickly (we were trying for 1 week!). We went from "not trying to have kids" to "trying to have kids" to "your gonna be parents" in the space of 6 days!! We honestly were expecting it to take a little longer...but it didn't. I guess God really wants us to be parents! :P Nat assures me that I'll be a good dad but I'm not so sure. I'm worried that I'll probably be a very demanding dad with high expectations - that's not fair on kids though. I guess I'll want them to do their best and all, but one thing that really irritates me is when people give up and I know they haven't extended themselves to the limit of their abilities. Some people can achieve a task with minimal effort others may need to give it 100% to do the same task - I understand this. My only beef is with people who give up and I know they haven't given their best shot. How do I instill this "best effort always" ethos without crushing their delicate little hearts or giving them the impression I don't love them? Any ideas here are welcome!

Other than all that, the last couple of weeks has just been a matter of going through the motions. Not a lot has changed yet. Nat's study is slowy taking shape as the nursery and other matters of practicality slowly unfold. I've been told the last few months of the pregnancy are when it gets really interesting...but I'll have to wait and see - so far it's great just to read what's happenning week-by-week with our little one and that sort of thing. For me though, the thing that took me most by suprise was the change in the way I see Nat. She is my friend, my wife and partner, but now she is also going to be the mother of our children! I know that sounds obvious, but now that it has actually happened, I can honestly say it has added another level to our relationship that is new and fresh and even exciting!

We're gonna be parents!!


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