It's ALIVE! ...and we have visual proof

Nat and I trundled off to the obstetrician on Tuesday (10-Feb) and went though the usual round of questions. The doc seems happy enough with Nat's condition and the progress of the baby. The details follow....(click "Read More") The initial appointment went well. The doc even has recent issues of "Inside Sport" in the waiting room. Way to go doc! Nat had to fill in a bunch of forms, have her blood pressure taken and other stuff along those non-invasive lines.

Once we got in to see the doctor (he was running 30 minutes late...but what doctor isn't these days?) we discovered a rare individual indeed. Despite his already nuked schedule, he didn't rush us and went to great lengths to make sure all our questions were answered. He also dumped another bunch of forms on us: pre-natal class info, hospital bookings, etc.

Then he asked if we'd like to SEE our baby - we said "no thanks, I don't want a peek at the biggest miracle since Jesus was raised from the dead" - NOT!!

I can honestly say I was awe-struck seeing our little one's heart beating and being able to see their arms and legs, and head etc. It all of a sudden became "real". I know that sounds strange, but for Nat, her body is changing and she can feel the baby move every now and then. For me though nothing much has happened - except my sleep is just as interrupted as Nat's :) Having seen our baby for the first time, it hit home, in a good way.

We've got another appointment with a specialist obstetrics imaging place in a few weeks which will give us a very good picture (and video too!). In answer to the inevitable question: NO, Natalie and I do NOT want to know the gender of our baby until it's born. So if you think you can figure it out from any of the ultra sound pics I put up - KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!! ;-)


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