Not much happening...that's the problem!

After much fussing and running around things on the parenting front have gone very quiet. My parents have just headed north for the winter, the nursery is complete and now we wait!

I've decided pregnancy is better suited to Natalie than me; she (apart from having the necessary hardware and software) is a LOT more patient than I am. I was going great guns when we were racing around doctor's surgeries, and getting tests done, and getting stuff done. Now we have to just wait. Let me say this once so that it I don't have to repeat myself: JAMES DOESN'T DO WAITING!!

I don't even pretend to have patience; I've been known to walk up to inattentive shop assistants after a few minutes without being served and tell them I'm leaving now and they can shove their product/service....apparently it is "most embarrassing".

But this is something I guess kids teach you - even before the little darlings are born: patience. They say it's a virtue, but I think if you can get comfortable with wasting great gobs of time, then you should retire now, take up lawn bowls and wait to die! Dammit - life is for the living. I accept some things take time, but that doesn't mean I have to stop while other things "happen". OK, enough of the philosphising (yeh, I made that word up - but you know what I mean), this baby aint gonna get here until it's ready and I know that. I just wish it would hurry up! I'm so looking forward to being a dad :)

Actually, that last sentence should read "..looking forward to being a dad, now.". Now that the nursery is ready, the baby clothes are washed and folded, the cot is restored, the nappy buckets are ready, etc. There's very little left to do except wait now. This is largely due to some help from my parents and Nat's dad. Nat's dad supplied us the cot and Nat and I restored it over a couple of weekends. My parents helped build some storage in the garage so we could clean out some wardrobes, so we could set up the nursery. Follow all that? Anyway, I'll take some photo's of the nursery once we have the cross-stitch pictures, that Nat spent the last few years sewing, framed and hung up.

Well it's almost midnight and I finally feel like sleeping so I'm going to sign off here. No doubt I'll have more to say after the hi- res ultra-sound next Wednesday (10am), oh and then there's the tour of the private hospital where our little one will make their grand entrance to life, and the pre-natal classes (woot.....NOT), and the other visits to the doctor (the one with "Inside Sport" in his waiting room! YAY), and the...... I guess there's still a lot to be done while we wait!


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