Easter long weekend

Wow! What a busy weekend. We went skiing went down to Chris and Nic's place for Friday and Saturday, raced home and had Tracy at our place on Sunday and Monday. In amongst all that there were garage sales, new toys, water skiing and lots of laughs. All up it was a good weekend :-)

We towed Panic (our boat) to Chris and Nic's on Friday morning after a good sleep in. I thought the trailer seemed awfully heavy to tow, but kept going anyway. Turned out the trailer brakes were left in the "parked" positioned and as a result I chewed through 1/4 of a tank of petrol in only 90km! Yikes. Not to mention the trailer's brake pads are half gone! You live and learn I guess :-/

Friday was spent sorting out mine and Chris' newest toys. Chris' 1/5 scale buggy you have to see and hear to believe. It's just insane! Chris was only "running it in" but still managed to tear up great chunks of his back lawn.

We stayed up fairly late considering we wanted to get an early start on Saturday for the traditional Easter garage sales down in Orient Point/Culburra. We all managed a bargain; Chris got a lawn mower spanner for free, Nic scored a $10 wet suit, Nat picked up some really cheap Tupperware, and I bought two crystal decanters with 6 scotch glasses and 6 port glasses.

Around lunch time we hit the water and got in a few good ski runs considering the wind was swinging around and making conditions less than ideal. It wasn't too cold and we played around with model boats between ski runs. It was a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. About 4:30pm Nat and I headed for home with Panic in tow (WITHOUT the trailer brakes in park this time) and decided to skip the $1.02/L petrol at Culburra hoping to score it cheaper in Nowra. Bad idea. The stupid fule computer in the car said 48km left in the tank but it was lying. It was more like 4km! So sure enough we get about 4km out of Culburra and everything goes very quiet. Dammit!! Lucky for us, we had mobile coverage and called Chris to rescue us with a gerry can. Soon enough we were on our way and Chris will never let me forget the time I got 20L of petrol (he paid $1.02/L) for $15. Heck - I only had $15 cash on me dude!! When we got to Nowra we filled up and continued north. We got home in the dark, parked the boat and crashed in bed! having Tracy up for the weekend was good. She was good company. Nat and Tracy did scrp booking stuff and I sailed the Sea Queen in the pond out the back. Chasing ducks is fun!


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