Downtime notice

This is a heads-up for everyone who uses my mail server. Over the long weekend my entire network is going to be offline for a while. I am transferring to a new ISP. Read on for the details. Fish Internet are installing a WiFi-based internet connection on Friday (11th June) and this will require me to take my entire network completely offline for a few hours (hopefully). However, the down-time may extend for most of the long-weekend. The other problem is I'll need to re-delegate my domains which means even though my network may be back up, you may not be able to find it. Delegations can take 2-3 days to filter through the entire Internet. If anyone REALLY needs to access anything and can't just call my home phone or mobile (those who know these numbers keep them to yourself!). MORE BANDWIDTH!

The best thing about the new connection is that it has MUCH more bandwidth than my existing 128kbps ISDN line. In fact the product is called EtherWave which is basically WiFi (Wireless Ethernet or 802.11). Sweeeeet :) Anyway, when it's all up and running again, you'll notice the website and mail server etc, are all a lot faster. Of course if you're on dial-up, you probably wont notice any difference because dial-up is still much slower than my current 128kbps ISDN line....those on broadband will notice a change :)


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