It's the end of the world as we know it... (Queue R.E.M.)

About 7 weeks from now (barring any complications) I'll be a real dad; not a "dad in waiting" like now. There will be a little-Nat running around (let's hope it's not a little-James OK!?!) and life will be very different, so I'm told. Not too sure how that's going work out exactly.....

Hmm, Nat's getting bigger, our bank balance is getting smaller, and the amount of sleep we're both getting is less than ever. Apparently this is all gonna get a lot worse before it gets any better - oh goodie. I'm not too worried about the kid at the moment because Nat is doing such a good job of looking after herself and the bub :) I am a little concerned about the delivery though. I know, I know, women have been doing this for eons and the human race has done pretty well so far, but dammit it's MY family this time!! Amazing how your own advice is the first thing you ignore when things affect you directly.

The pre-natal class was good (despite my earlier cynisism) and really made me feel as though I have a valuable contribution to make when the time comes for our little one to make a grand entrance. Although I can contribute, I can't control anything, especially where Nat is concerned, and although that is a fact of life, it's not something I like. I wish there was more I could do other than the usual support stuff. I know I can't have this baby myself (I'm a bloke - duh!) but there's gotta be something!? Alas, no. That's life and it's just something I'll have to go through with Nat, not for her.

I have been wondering though if this kid has formed an opinion about me yet. If it has, it's probably something like "the bastard who pushes and prods me all the time", or maybe "the doona thief", or even "dad". Who knows? Apparently it will recognise my voice as soon as it's born which is kinda nice. It will even know that I cause Nat to react differently than other voices (or so I've read). I guess I'm really looking forward to having it smile at me, not because it's reflex or something, but because it knows I'm "dad" - that's something special :)

It's nice to go into the nursery and look at the cot and all the other stuff, and know there's nothing left to do except welcome our little one home. I'm really looking forward to that too. I'm also looking forward to the bub screaming it's lungs out at 1am - that should really annoy the back for their mongeral dogs! Woot.

The cat is a worry. Keep in mind we're talking about an animal that last weekend concussed itself by mis-judging a jump and slammed head- first into one of my speakers! This is the same animal that has a deep distrust of anyone unfamiliar, and a outright fear of anyone smaller than 4 foot tall. When friends bring their children over, we have to remind them that if the kids chase the cat, they may end up on the receiving end of a fear-induced cat attack :P Doesn't stop them chasing the cat, but damn it's funny when they get attacked! Not so funny if it's our kids though...hmmmm. Mental note: get valium for cat, and little extra for dad.


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