Logins now required for comments

Well it had to happen eventually, but I'm still annoyed! Seems some low-life spam/porn a*%$ holes have been filling up my comments system with links to their filth. This in turn get's indexed by search engines and raises their filth's rankings in the search engine (not to mention, makes my site look like a filth-peddling scum pit too). So, I have no option but to delete the filth (there was LOTS of it) and switch to a more secured site. Basically, if you want to leave a comment on this site, you need to create an account and log in. Same goes for submitting links or stories. HOWEVER, despite the fact the photo albums "appear" to be part of the site, it actually is a bit of a kludge and only partially uses the main site's security system. So unfortunately, the comments in the photo albums are disabled completely - regardless of you being logged in or not. ( sorry ). You can still view everything in gallery though, just can't leave comments.

I am sorry for this, but there's no way around it other than to lock this site down a bit more. Don't blame me, blame the spam/porn peddling low-life scum that used my site as their little graffiti board!!


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