It's happened! We're FINALLY parents!! Natalie delivered our first child at 2:15pm on Thursday 22nd July 2004; a girl :) She weighed in at 3050g (6lb, 11.5oz) and is 49cm (19in) long. Her name is ** Emily Bronwen ** The delivery was a nightmare. I wont go into too much detail here, but let's just say it was the worst day, and the best day of my life....all at the same time. It's even harder when for a while you are holding your wife's hand not knowing if either she or your unborn child were going to make it through the rest of the day. If anyone wants the blow-by-blow details, e-mail me :)

Long story short: Nat is doing great and is now officially "out of the woods" and well into her recovery. Emily is doing great too; she sleeps mostly, but cries when there's a problem (usually food and napies). She is such a good kid the nurses were happy to leave Emily in the room with Nat tonight (last night, Emily was in the nursery) which has made Natalie very happy.

Anyway, cruise on over to Emily's first photos. You can zoom in on these all the way to the raw photo as it was taken from the camera that you can copy and print out if you like (4 megapixel camera, so about 1MB per photo, but there are scaled down ones too if you just want to see them on screen).

It's about 1am here and I've slept (maybe) 3 hours in the last 3 days, so before I make any serious factual errors, just enjoy the photos and check back soon for updates :)


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