Emily's 6-week checkup

Emily has been to the paediatrician for her 6 week checkup and everything is fine :) She has put on weight, grown a bit longer and put on a 10/10 cute display. You go girl!! Dr Brereton gave Emily a good going over and he was happy with her progress. She now weighs 4.44kg (9lb 11oz) and is 54cm (21.3in)long. This means she has put on about 1.4kg and grown about 5cm since birth. This is smack in the middle of "normal" which is encouraging.

She didn't complain much and managed a couple big cute smiles for both the doctor and the receptionists :) She's such a cutie. As we were walking out the receptionists were talking to each other about how cute Emily was - made me a very proud dad! This parenting thing isn't so bad afterall.


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