This is just too cool!

OK, so my "inner geek" is coming out, but this is just too cool: A standard truck that runs on hydrogen AND generates it's own fuel via solar panels!! Here's a quote from the article: "Built for less than $10,000, the project has caught the attention of experts in alternative-fuel research.

"Over the past three years of research in hydrogen, I've been more impressed with what they did than anything else I've seen around the world," said Scottsdale inventor Bryan Beaulieu"

Yes I'm a nerd, but this is such a great step away from our dependence on oil. Oil is running out (or can't be produced at a rate to meet demand) and this will only get worse as time drags on. A little more focussed research and lateral thinking and we could could have cleaner, more efficient hydrogen-fuel-based vehicles :)


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