Skiing Report - Saturday 27th, Nov. 2004

It was another warm Saturday, with good friends and great skiing! The usual suspects were present along with a few ring-ins. All up a great day with minimal sunburn. Read on for the full details. The plan was to start early, like hit the water around 8:30am. As it turned out, we didn't even leave home until 8:10am, then had a bit over an hour driving to get to the lake. Not to worry, it's meant to be a relaxing day so we just equalled the land speed record for Ford Falcons towing stonking huge boats (as opposed to breaking the record).

Once we arrived at Chris and Nic's place it didn't take long to get both Chris' boat, and my boat "Panic", in the water, loaded up with people and kit. By about 9:45am we had the first skiers out, the beach set up and people covered in sun screen. Not a bad effort really :) The skiing was good, despite a weird wind blowing; it started out NE, then swung around more to the north, then almost died out, then picked up again with vengence (at which point we called it a day).

Even with the wind there were a number of milestones to warrant a congratulatory mention:

  • Nic got up on one ski from a deep water start for the second time in her life - Well done Nic!

  • Andrew got up on two skis for only the third time in his life, then backed it up with dropping a ski to go on one for first time ever . CONGRATS dude! ( BTW - we all hate you too!...heheh )

  • From a driver/observer's point of view, Chris skied better than I've ever seen him ski before. Keep it up!

  • Well done to Nat who got up first go after nearly a year's lay-off from pregnancy etc. Nat had a think about dropping one ski but decided against it on the day - not to worry, we'll be back out again soon!

  • Well done also to Michelle, who despite an injury still had a ball on the biscuit! :)

  • Even though he wasn't there, thanks to Ryan for the tips - made a big difference to the feel of my skiing, not sure I'm actually skiing any better yet, but I'm working on it!

After skiing, we packed up, went back to Chris and Nicole's and enjoyed some of their 5-star hospitality. Thanks for the food, the company and the fun! We'll have to do this again some time soon - well, maybe when all the pain goes away anyway :P


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