Downtime - lots of arcing-sparking goin' on!

Yup - I got hit in those thunderstorms that clobbered southern NSW on Tuesday night. We lost the power for about 30 minutes but the Internet connection was down for a bit longer (in fact, I'm writing this without it - so no idea when it will be back up). Just figured some people might want to know why we went offline... so now you know.

Update: Wednesday February 02, 2005 @1:40PM: Internet connection came back up around 10:30am today, but the web server's cooling fan died and the system did a thermal shutdown (oops). That's fixed now (after 2 trips to the local electronics store...8cm fan nope, take 2, needed a 9cm fan! DOH!). Hopefully this is the end of the downtime for a while! I got a good zap from the earth wire on a device I was unplugging during the thunderstorms but I'm alive. So far everything has come back up with only minor damage to the database server (which was fixed with a restore of the dead tables from this morning's backup). The firewall machine had some big problems with one of it's partitions... really gotta convert it to reiserfs or even ext3 (currently's an old box OK?!). The web server was rather well behaved and didn't need any intervention when it came back up :). I've REALLY got to invest in a UPS!

The house and everything that was outside (like the boat) is just wet mainly, but they reckon these storms will persist for a while into the night - sigh.


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