Referrer Spam....grrr

For some time now (ok for the last 3-4 months) I've been getting HEAPS of referrer spam in my web logs. Unscrupulous websites do this so their referrals appear in statistic pages, then those stats pages get indexed by Google, Yahoo! etc, and thus their crappy websites are elevated in the search results. It sux and it skews my log analysis.... but NO MORE!! Basically, I found this article that describes a way to eliminate these bogus referrals on a domain-by- domain basis. Sweet. I already had a list of bogus referrers and so simply needed to drop these into the list and voila! It wasn't quite as obvious as I thought, so here's my addendum to the article above. The "refererdom.deny" and "" files work fine. In fact you can test the output of the perl script like this:

echo "" | ./

and you should see "" echoed back. So far so good. Then came the integration into "httpd.conf". Not so straight forward.

  1. Firstly you need to make sure you have included "mod_rewrite" in your apache modules - without this, there's no point going on.
  2. Next, enable the rewrite engine with "RewriteEngine on". Here came the first gotcha; virtual servers DON'T inherit this setting from the global config - you have to enable it for each virtual server.
  3. Last, I needed to add the following code block to every virtual server (bleh!):
# These Apache rules prevent referer spam
RewriteEngine           on
RewriteMap domain       prg:/etc/apache/
RewriteMap referer-deny txt:/etc/apache/refererdom.deny

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !=""
RewriteCond ${referer-deny:${domain:%{HTTP_REFERER}}|NOT-FOUND} !=NOT-FOUND
RewriteRule  ^/.*  -  [F,L]

The only good thing about having this in every virtual host defenition is that my access rules for referrer spam are consistent for all my web sites (about 10 at the moment). I'm guessing you could probably add each of these directives into a .htaccess file in each virtual server's document root but seeing as I have access to the apache config file, I did it there. I'm not a big fan of .htaccess files unless you don't have access to the server config file (obviously).

Well I hope that helps you get the referrer spam problem under control. Feel free to contact me if you want my list of domains I'm currently blocking referrals from (good seed to get your site going!).


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