Cars...and life's other questions

Woot. The Falcon is back in my garage! The bike is no longer in my possession, and there is a new car in the garage too! I'm impressed. The local Ford dealer warned me that my new gearbox might take up to 2 weeks to be fitted (as stated earlier). In reality the car was dropped off on Monday, they called Wednesday to say the new gearbox had arrived, and I picked the car up yesterday! So two weeks turned into 4 days - impressive. Less impressive was the side mirror switch missing from the door when I picked the car up, but they fitted a new one and I was on my way.

The new car (Nat's Lancer) is now parked in the garage after a marathon effort to rearrange it. It's a tight fit with a Lancer and a Falcon in the same garage, but it's better than having one live on the driveway out in the weather!

I'm going to have to move the drinks fridge somewhere (maybe into the house, or under the patio) so I can use it. But that's only a minor thing. At the moment, there's about 30cm (1 foot) clearance between the side of the Falcon and the fridge door - not enough space to open the fridge. So that will have to change before summer really kicks in! Can't have the beer getting warm can we?!


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