Firefox 1.5 is out!

The fine folk over at Mozilla have released a new version of their web browser Firefox. If you want the latest-greatest web browser available then surf on over to the release page.

UPDATE 1-Dec-2005: Firefox 1.5 has gone "stable". Go get it while it's hot! Same link as above :) Highlights of the new release: + New web technology support: CSS2 and CSS3, SVG, JavaScript 1.6 + Faster back/forward page jumping + Many (many) bug fixes

Remember this is a Release Candidate (ever wondered what the "RC" meant? Well now you know). So there may be some bugs, but think of it this way; Microsoft release beta software all the time, never tell you and it's buggy. At least Mozilla are putting their hand up and saying "we want people to test this before we call it production ready" - and they're NOT charging you for the final version once they get it right! Way to go Mozilla!!


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