I'm living in a cancer knoll!

Whilst on the train this morning I started thinking about all the EMR sources in and around my house. It got me thinking... In themselves, none of the EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation, aka "Radio Waves") sources are particularly powerful but all contribute to the whole. Let's see, I've got:

  1. The wifi access point with +5dB gain antenna sitting on top of my work-station's montior - ie, about 2 feet from my head :P
  2. My laptop sits about 2m (6 feet) behind me. Also talking wifi
  3. My wife's computer down the hall also has wifi with another +5dB gain antenna
  4. I have a wireless broadband connection with a 30cm (1 foot) dish which is about a +25dB signal gain on the house.
  5. UHF/VHF radio and television antennas
  6. A satellite dish
  7. Three mobile phones in the house - 2 usually attached to me
  8. The cordless phone system with two handsets and the base station
  9. PLUS enough high frequency electronic noise from the 5 PC's, one laptop, a 3kVA UPS, and digital home theatre equipment to fry anyone's brain!

I figure this can't be good, but there's been no definitive evidence to prove otherwise. I guess if there are any cancer researchers (or foil-hat-wearing paranoid weirdo's) who want to view me as a case study, I'm more than happy to be observed...in my clothes I mean.


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