Another weekend - another weed

Spent a good proportion of this weekend pulling weeds and other plants out a friend's place. That, and staying up late celebrating the end of another year at the venerable University of Wollongong. My best friend Chris, and his wife Nic, have bought a new home - yay for them! BUT, it has about a decade of free-range plant growth all over the house. No that's not a typo - the plants surrond the house and are now (in true triffod-style) attempting to cover the house too. Many trailers were hauled to the dump, several large bushes met the chain saw, large rocks were ousted from their slumber, many spiders squashed and a good time had by all.

Chris and Nic put on drinks and BBQ at the end of the weekend's proceedings and many laughs shared throughout too. Even though my body is telling me it was all hard labour, my brain seems to think it was actually fun!

Saturday night Nat and I (and Emily) went to a uni-friend's (Rocci and Daniella) place for a post-2005 project/thesis recovery dinner. Some other ex-studnets (now graduated...bastards!) were there to celebrate with us too. It was good time with great company and great food.

Emily was a little hard to settle but porta-cots and strange environments, coupled with a fractured routine, never mix really well with her though. We usually pay dearly for it the next day, but Emily wasn't too bad on Sunday, so I guess that's a good thing.

Nat and Daniella got on really well and both being pregnant seemed to have plenty to chat about. That left the blokes to run amok with flamable liquid, fireworks and leaf-blowers. Don't ask! Roll on next weekend - I need a break!!


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