Busy week!

It's been an extordinarily busy week with work taking me places I didn't think I'd go. Home life has suffered (usually the way) and the grass is now 2 inches tall! To top it all off, there's something decidely screwy going on with my neck. Wow. What a week. It's been all go, no stop, don't-even-take-a-breath week at work. Seems I've been roped into the "technical pre-sales" role. This isn't totally a bad thing. In fact it's an aspect of the IT industry I've pretty much ignored until now. The business development manager at work has indicated she thinks I have a certain degree of natural talent in the field and has given me the opportunity to explore and see if it's something I might be interested in. So never wanting to miss an opportunity I jumped in boots-and-all! Next thing I know, I'm on a plane to Brisbane for some technical training and in a week or so, I'll be off to Melbourne to do some technical demonstrations and general Q&A type stuff with other uber-nerds. Sounds like fun!

Unfortunately though, with this added work load, my family time has been cut into again. Life sux like that. Every thing I do in one area, takes away from time and energy in another. I'm stretched so thin these days. When I was flying, I was intensely focussed one one thing; flying. It wasn't too hard and I was good at it (both flying and the focus bit). But now, I'm working in two fields of IT, flying casually, trying to fit in some water skiing and in amongst that (and all the other crap I didn't mention) I want (and need) to spend time with Nat and Emily. Gah - there's just not enough time in a day!!

Last week I sprayed the lawns with some weed-and-feed. It's about as caring as I get with grass. It's done a good job of killing the clover and few other weeds in the lawn, but the bloody stuff has grown 2 inches in 6 days! Dammit as if I didn't have enough things to do already! I think the next thing I'll spray on the lawn is "round-up"!!

Adding to my woes for the last month or so, has been slowly growing problem. About a month ago I found my upper left arm (just below the shoulder) started to ache. A sharp ache that never went away. This has progressed over the last 4 weeks or so to the point where if I tilt my head back my whole right arm goes numb (put stays all warm and pink) and my upper-arm has a shooting pain right through it. If I tilt my head back further, the numbness in my arm spreads further up making my entire left arm basically completely numb plus I get the added bonus of stabbing pain in my spine right between my shoulder blades. Great.

I went and saw my GP who ordered a CT scan (aka "cat scan") of my upper back, but it came back "normal". So I've got a referral to see a neurologist but he's booked solid until mid January 2006!! Dammit - I've got to put up with this until then?! I might go back to my GP and see if there's anyone else they can refer me to - I've got private health insurance, I shouldn't have to wait!

I'll keep everyone posted on how that little saga works out :)


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