WTF went wrong with my diary?!

This time last year we'd been skiing for almost two months (every weekend) and life was good. Time was plentiful; even with a 4 month old hanging around. This year, it's 3 weekends from Christmas, and we've been skiing ONCE! WTF went wrong?!

Seems our diaries are filling up every weekend with "stuff". What stuff? Oh, I don't know - but looking back on it, there's been visitors drop in, people needing transport to/from the airport in Sydney, cars blowing up, boats being recalcitrant, and illness.

The worst bit is that every weekend that is fine, warm and sunny with light winds are the weekends we've been sick/busy/away! The weekends we ARE at home and wanting (desperately) to go skiing, like this last weekend, it pours rain, blows a gale and the temperature barely nudges more than 18°C! It's almost as if there are forces at work that do not want me skiing.

Sure, my left arm is still weak and numb most of the time, and skiing usually causes me to put my common-sense on hold (the two combined might be a bad mix), but still - I WANT TO GO SKIING!!


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