Shiny new toys :)

Due to some changes in our domestic situation, Natalie had to move her computer into my office (sorry, our office now) and space soon became an issue. More correctly, the lack of space! Time to break out the credit card - it IS Christmas after all! Long story short; the room that Nat was using as a study and doubled as a guest room when people stayed overnight, had to be handed over to Emily. This served two purposes:

  1. Made it possible for us to clean out the nursery in preparation for number two who is due in late-April/early-May
  2. By getting Emily settled in her own room sooner rather than later, means the changes to her life when her brother/sister arrives will be minimised (we live in hope!)

So I up-root Nat's machine and move it into my study. Now I'd done a HEAP of work cleaning the mess up and freed up a lot of space, but still with 5 PC's and 3 large CRT monitors in the one room, there was barely enough space for a pen! Gah. Time to bite the bullet, lash out and buy some shiny new LCD's :)

I did some shopping around and found a good deal at Domayne (believe it or not). The monitors are a Hanns-G brand, 19" 1280x1024 pixel, 8ms (125Hz) with built-in speakers and 3yrs manufacturer's warranty (the model is TA191A).

Hanns-G are assembled in China from parts manufactured in Taiwan and from what I've seen are actually (probably?) Samsung internals with a different (Hanns-G) shell. The 19" model retails for about $550 but I managed to talk them down to $500 on 12 months interest free. The sales guy said there was a few more %-points left in the deal if I was paying cash.

Having played with them over the weekend the displays are crisp with good contrast and colour saturation. I'd never recommend an LCD to do serious photo or video editing but these monitors are perfectly acceptable for play-back and home video/photo use. The 8ms response time means in fast action movies/games with elements moving rapidly across the screen, they don't leave a "ghost" behind them.

So there you have it. Essentially a 19" Samsung-equivalent LCD for around $500. The next step up, in price, was an equivalent Samsung (913BF IIRC - but no built-in speakers) for about $699RRP or a Phillips 19" but 16ms response for $749RRP.

In terms of value for money with above average performance - these Hanns-G LCD's are really hard to pass up!


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