Gallery changes...

Well, it was bound to happen. The blogs and links and stuff have attracted search engines to this site like flies to a BBQ! Consequently, I've had to slightly restrict the high-bandwidth sections to save my connection.

To see the full-size (original) photos in the galleries, you now MUST LOG IN! Sorry about this, but it's the only consistent way I have of allowing "real" people to see anything they want, but preventing search engines leeching massive amounts of bandwidth. In short, search engines are stupid bloody things that simply follow links, keeping track of what is linking to where and ranking stuff depending on many things. Problem: the gallery links like this: Thumbnail -> Intermediate -> Full Size -> Intermediate -> Full Size... etc

See the problem? Even though the search engine has absolutely no interest in the image itself (well, ok, Google Images does) it transfers the entire 1MB file, every time it requests the full size link! Rinse and repeat every few seconds and you can imagine the sort of bandwidth I'm chewing.

Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem - it's an upload from the perspective of my network and most ISP's don't give a furry freckle about uploads. My link (due to its wireless nature) is almost impossible to differentiate uploads from downloads, so I get a block quota. This quota is VERY generous, but still, there's no point wasting it on search engines requesting files/images they have absolutely NO interest in.


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