She's arrived!!

Please join, Natalie, Emily and I in welcoming our newest arrival! Introducing Elise Kathryn Gray - born at 10:05am on Thursday 11th May, 2006. She weighed in at a healthy 3365g (7lb 4oz) and measuring 50cm (19 3/4 inches). Nat and Elise are doing great!

So how did we go 2nd time around? Well, Nat was induced again and we were really dreading what that might entail - given the rapid onset of labour last time. However, we were pleasantly surprised. Nat's labour progressed smoothly and predictably without the all the problems we had last time.

Nat was induced at about 7:15am and Elise was born at 10:05am - yup 2 hours and 50 minutes from go to whoa! However, Nat's had none of the common problems that are usually associated with quick labours. Nat was an absolute trooper. There was no screaming, yelling or grand standing. She just got in and did whatever was asked of her to bring our little girl into the world. Like last time, Nat took advantage of 20th century technology and had an epidural to help with the pain relief but it was only used in the last 40 minutes or so (after she reached about 8cm dilation - which is about 80%).

The only "drama" was the last few minutes when Elise's heart rate dropped to around 50-60 beats per minute (bpm) during contractions and only recovered to about 80-90bpm between contractions. The fetal heart rate should stay around 120bpm. When Elise came out, it was obvious why this occured: part of the umbilical cord had looped up along her right side. So every contraction was putting pressure on the umbilical cord and restricting blood flow (and therefore oxygen) to Elise. Other than being born a little "blueish" she had the same apgar scores as Emily: 7 at birth and 10 at 10 minutes. Elise needed to be bagged for a few seconds (10 or so) and she started breathing on her own without difficulty and "pinked up" really quickly.

So other than those nervous few minutes at the end, it was an absolutely text book delivery condensed into 2 hours and 50 minutes! Way to go Nat!!


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