A Mother's Day to remember

(This is a few days late, but hey, I've got a new born....what day is it anyway?!?)

It was a pleasant surprise to get a call from Natalie on Saturday to say she'd seen the obstetrician and Elise had been reviewed by the paediatrician and the doctors were happy for Nat and Elise to come home on Mother's Day!! That in itself is special, but also having my mum (Emily and Elise's Nanna) there too was just fantastic!

I don't think the doctor's were in any way being "generous" to us - I think they had a labour ward being backed up with a rush of new babies, and nowhere in the maternity ward to put all the new mothers and children! So I'd say the nurse unit managers etc cancelled all the golf/fishing plans for the specialists and told them to discharge everyone who didn't absolutely need to be hospitalised. Nat was obviously well, Elise was likewise - so they were sent home (yay for us!).

I was concerned that Nat actually felt "up to it" and she assured me she just wanted to get home and get into a routine with our girls. Nat's amazing like that - she's very pragmatic and I love her for it :) I don't think I could live with a "drama queen" as a wife.


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