After a few days to enjoy having my family home I figured it was time to post a few thoughts on life and how it's changed since Elise arrived.

  • Sleep Ah - my old friend. Actually, more like my "long lost friend"! I don't think Nat or I have had a really long, deep, restful sleep since Nat was about 3 months pregnant with Emily. Not Nat's fault, or even Emily's...that just the way things go when you have kids I guess. Anyway, I thought I was tired having only Emily around, but adding a new born to the mix cuts the sleep I was getting in half (at least). It will get better as Elise figures out night and day and her feeds start to "normalise".Although our sleep has been interrupted we really can't complain. Elise wakes at about 10pm and again around 2-3am for feeds, then the morning feed has been anywhere from 5am to 7am (depending on that early morning feed). So we get some reasonable sleep between feeds. Now if only Emily would sleep through we'd be set!
  • Cars I'm sure the person who invented infant car seats was a frustrated engineer who could never complete a Rubick's Cube so invented infant seats as pay-back! Dammit, those things have more straps, flaps, levers and clips than some of the aircraft I've flown! Anyway, after a few skinned knuckles and choice words last Saturday, we now have both the cars sorted out.However, even though the cars are "sorted" I was presented with an interesting dilemma this morning on my way to University. Ordinarily I throw my bag on the back seat and drive off. Problem: there's a car seat where my bag normally went. Ok, I thought, I'll put it in the boot. Problem: there's a pram in the boot that takes up a LOT of space. Dammit - a little reshuffling and the bag was sorted.
  • Washing How is it, that one child generates "1 unit" of dirty clothes, but two children generate "10 units" of dirty clothes?! I'm sure there's an evil vortex of dirty washing we've fallen into or something, because Nat and I just can't figure out where all this extra dirty washing has come from! :P

But these little epiphanies got me thinking. Like most things in life, the devil is always in the detail. The decision to have a second child was easy compared to the decision to have Emily (our first child) - we'd "been there done that" and felt more than capable to cope with a second. Whilst that hasn't changed, we still feel capable and in control, it's amazing how the little things change with two children that you just simply didn't anticipate; like where to put a bag in the car. Big things are easy to see - holidays etc are obviously going to require a little more planning. So my only advice to people planning on parenthood, first timer's or otherwise, is this: don't sweat the little things - they were always going to change!

Anyone who knows me is reading that last line and must be wondering if aliens have taken over my body! lol. I am one the highest strung people I know - the little things bug the hell out of me! I don't know what's changed (except the arrival of Elise) but now that I have two gorgeous little girls, a beautiful wife and 3 people who need me, these little things have taken on a new perspective...and you know what? They don't really matter.

Choose happiness, choose calm, choose control - CHOOSE LIFE!


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