And so it begins...

It was recently my birthday and my lovely (long suffering) wife bought me an electronic weather station. WOOT! Not just any weather station mind that hooks up to my computer :)

If that was where this story ended it'd be reaonably dull. Actually, it wouldn't be worth a mention. The significance is that for a long time a good friend of mine (let's call him "Mike"...coz that's his name) and I have had a facination for meterological statistics. He's already got some rudimentary stats on the go. This is all hand- rolled code that Mike put together. However, we want more!

So enter my weather station. Now make no mistake - this is one very impressive package. It measures (and tracks) indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric presure, rainfall (to withing 0.1mm!), wind speed (to 0.1km/h) and wind direction. From that it derives dew point, wind chill, and other key weather indicators. Now that all this is being sensed we can start creating all the code to do the most sweet funky graphs and trends :)

The code is already starting to take shape and we've hashed out a number of key logic and functionality type issues and are laying the groundwork for the bulk of the project. We're not setting ourselves any deadlines, but expect to see more information appearing on this website as the ideas take form into code. My first plan is to get some photos of the station up, then get the basic data displaying in numeric form. Then we'll work on the trend graphs and analysis.

I guess all that meterology I studied for my flying training is finally going to go to something useful (since leaving the flying industry anyway!). STAY TUNED!!


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