It's getting warmer - time to venture out again!

Last weekend was great - the weather is warming up (slowly) and the wind stayed away which meant it was a good opportunity to go out with the girls.

We tootled down to Kiama and introduced Emily to the Blow Hole. Her response: "scared". I guess the "whoompa" that it makes would be a little off putting for a 2 year old, still, she didn't run and hide, but had fun climbing on the rocks.

After the Blow Hole we went down to the park and Emily had a ball running around and wearing herself out. She was having SO much fun we couldn't coerce her into leaving...not even for ICE CREAM! Which means Nat and I didn't get any either :(

We managed to drag Emily away for a walk which was a good chance to get her to burn off any remaining energy. That night she slept like a log! Heheh.

In all of this, Elise was delight. Nat had her in the papoose where she was warm and snug. She woke up occasionally, had a bit of a look around, then went back to sleep. Which was a nice change becuase she's had a bit of a shocker this weekend. Ah well - we take it one day at a time. Usually she is really good and an absolute pleasure to have around. Then some days, she just cries - thankfully though, she has been a really good nocturnal sleeper :)


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