Why the DMCA is evil...

Normally I don't write articles about technology news - there's plenty of others doing that and besides, I don't want to compete with my brother over at the Rooster's Rail! ( Hi Dave). However, this time, I'm making an exception because it affects Australia, and more importantly, the average "Joe" on the street.

There's this nasty piece of legislation in the USA called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). They (the USA) are keen to see it spread. The way they are doing it is by wrapping it up in trade agreements other countries sign in order to trade with the USA. Australia sold out it's copyrights to the USA in our most recent trade agreement. Now it seems Canada is going down a similar road.

Nothing news worthy there, and lets face it - who wants to actually read the DMCA to try and figure out why it is so damn evil?! Not me! So Michael Giest has written a really good day-by-day count down to Canada's DMCA adoption called 30 days of DRM (DRM is Digital Rights Management and is the practical working of the DMCA). It's easy to read and rather startling once you realise how invasive, restrictive and dangerous the DMCA is to average people and how they use different forms of media. Please read Michael Geist's page.

So you've read about the DMCA and want to make some noise? Sure, go sign up with Defective by Design who campaign against DRM and the DMCA in all its forms. Mainly centred in the USA, by they organise demonstrations, petitions etc, where ever there are enough people. So go sign up, get involved and let these media outlets know what the consumers think of being told what they cn and can't do with the media they paid for in good faith!


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