We're back!

I don't normally broadcast when we're heading away for a week or so (I have to think about the security of my unoccupied house!) so I'm announcing our return from Cairns! We decided that it was a good time to steal a week and see my parents and my brother and his family. Considering my girls hadn't seen their "Pa" since early this year, and Elise had never met him, it was a great trip purely from that perspective. We got up to other things too...

It was a very short and hastily planned trip. The reason? Simple, I had a very short break between leaving my job at OCS before starting my new job at DOT Communications. So we bundled up the girls and jumped a flight to Cairns for a number of reasons. Firstly, so we could take a break, and secondly to introduce Elise to her Grandfather, and her Uncle David, Auntie Kate, and cousins Angus and Samuel.

As a bounus we were up there just after my mum's birthday so we ALL went out for dinner. It was a great time and it was such a privilege to have all of us together for a meal.

The rest of the week was spent just relaxing and drinking far too much coffee! Still, we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The girls were spoilt rotten by their Nanna and Pa, but what the heck! That's what Nanna's and Pa's are for!

The other thing I got up to was to join my brother as a guest on his weekly podcast; Global Geek Podcast. It was a real eye-opener to how much work he puts into it and just how passionate he is about it. I had a great time putting my opinions out there and giving Dave a hard time "on air". If you're interested in technology, but don't like it being "technical" then you'd probably get a real kick out of Dave's podcast; he and his co-host "Knightwise" cover the previous week;s tech news from the perspective of a normal "user" which is a really novel approach to it. So give it a go and listen in - I do!! :)


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