Double-demerit weekends

With the advent of the Easter long weekend, (yay!) the NSW government have continued their love affair with double-demerit points for driving offences. This is a weird way to ensure safer driving, in my opinion, as statistically, public holidays are no more dangerous than any other time to be on our roads. However, after driving down the freeway into town this morning, I couldn't help but make some observations now that double demerits are in force.

First of all, everyone (except maybe idiot P-platers) were doing the speed limit give or take a few km/h. That isn't surprising in itself but the effect it had on traffic flow was remarkable. Strangely, the usual bottle-necks around the Kanahooka and Kembla Grange on-ramps (north bound) were flowing smootly with now hold-up at all. Why? Simple, with everyone doing roughly the same speed, traffic was spaced evenly and the right lane was practically empty; thus people already on the freeway were able to move into the right lane and make room for the merging drivers. Surprise, surprise, "keep left unless overtaking" actually results in better, less stressful driving for everyone! Duh.

Secondly, in town people weren't running the gauntlet at round-abouts and intersections and actually seemed to be a little more courteous than normal. Amazing.

Of course, the half-dozen or so provisional license holders (aka. P-platers) were the exceptin to the rule - or so they think. Why is it, almost without exception, they spend more time talking on their phones, playing with their stereos, doing their hair or talking to passengers than they do actually driving?! Maybe that's why they are so disproportionately represented in the road toll?

Have a safe and happy Easter folks, and if you're on your provisional license, take extra care - you don't have the experience or the 5k1LLz to dick around behind the wheel :)


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