Up and running on the new server!

Some people may be aware that my old ISP decided to increase my monthly access from $120/mth (paid quarterly in advance) to $500/mth!! Consequently I told them to shove it and went with the only real alternative in my area...Telstra Wireless 3G. It's expensive at $130/mth for 10GB but it's fast and reliable (surprisingly fast actually)...which is a LOT more than I can say for my old ISP. As anyone who had mail hosting on my old server knows, if my link was down for 2-3 days a month then it was good month. If the speed was anything over 2-3Mbps, it was fast for a change (they promised me 12Mbps...but it never happened). Compared to the new link which is routinely over 3Mbps and never goes down...it makes me wonder how the heck Fish Internet are going to survive with their price gouging, poor service, next-to-no-customer-support, service offering. Couple that with the dragon who answers their phones (yeh, good luck getting past her!) I hope they go the way of other $#!t-house ISP's - down the proverbial gurgler. Good bye, and good riddence to them; they'll never get another cent out me and I'll make sure to tell everyone who can't get ADSL in our area to give them a wide berth.

So seeing as I no longer have a static IP (can't get them on Wireless 3G) and the small bandwidth quota, I decided to move all my hosting off-site and use the same provider my employer uses. Actually, I'm piggy-backing off their hosting account (with the boss' blessing). So this site is now on a faster server sitting in a data centre somewhere and I don't have to monkey around with it to keep all the lights blinking...that's someone else's job! Yay!! Everything is back up and running, including the galleries, but the weather stuff will take me a little longer to sort out. The problem with the weather is that the weather station is sitting on my desk at home (with the sensors outside) and the server is sitting in Sydney somewhere. Consequently I've got to figure out a sensible way to get not only data but the graphs (which are generated on my server) onto the hosted server. Real-time updates aren't going to workable but I'm thinking sensor data every 3 minutes and graphs every 15 minutes. We'll wait and see :)


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