Internet Censorship

Ordinarily I don't make a big song and dance about stupid decisions made by politicians - I've come to understand the average politician has the intelligence of a lobotomised amoeba...but I digress.

Many have heard me lament the short-sighted, wasteful policies implemented by various Ministers for Communication ( particularly Senator Alston) under the previous regime in Canberra. I hate to say it, but the incumbent administration has truly exceeded even my worst imaginings. Everyone on this list knows the Internet, and has come to rely on it one fashion or another so I think it prudent to at least make you aware of the level of stupidity the current government has stooped to.

The run down of what is proposed

Read it, and make your own choices. Take it from me, being someone who has worked at the ISP level for a company that hosted all of Telstra's wholesale ISPs and hosted all of TransACT, AAPT and Telstra-Clear NZ, this is a bad policy for * all * Australians. Even if you ignore the policy, or moral standpoints, the technology to implement this simply does not exist . The outcome will be millions of tax payer dollars wasted on grand ideas, with questionable motivations, to attempt something that can only be achieved under the draconian levels of government oversight and intervention seen in places like China, Burma and North Korea.

I always thought we lived in a democracy populated by intelligent people able to make their own decisions. I DO NOT need the Australian Labour Party, or any other political party, to dictate what is and isn't appropriate for my children or myself.

Please read the link above and if you are motivated to do so, please contact the minister with either your support or objection to his proposal. I have added a block that is persistent across my site to drive as much traffic as I can to the fight against this policy. If you are in a position to do likewise, please consider it.


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