Site moved to new hosting

The Gray Matter is now up and running with the fine folk at Bluehost. It's taken a little more wrangling than I'd expected but it's all done now. If you're having trouble with your e-mail, call me - I'll walk you through what needs to be done. Enough of this - I'm going to play with some toys.

Warning - nerd content follows!!

For those who might be curious, the problem was that the content management system I use (Geeklog) uses serialised values in a database for storing most of the configuration. This is a much faster way for PHP to grab configuartion values rather than parsing a text file. Unfortunately, this also means that when you move from one hosting provider, unless every file has exactly the same location as the previous provider (basically, this will never happen) the whole setup goes to hell in a handbasket until you refresh dozens of serialised values with the new locations. If you find yourself in the fine ship "S.S. Futzed" then you need to cruise on over to Geeklog's explanation and have a good read - there's some code you can use to fix the problem in about 3 minutes...and that includes the time to cut-and-paste into a file and upload the code into a file on the web server and run it! :)


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