Scratch one marine tank :(

Right now I'm too angry to see straight! My entire stock of fish in my marine tank are dying. Let's put this in perspective: that's a breeding pair of clowns, two domino damsels, 3 blue chromis, a rainbow wrasse and a coral banded shrimp. At risk are myanemone, and beautiful crop soft corals and about 50kg of live rock. All up about $1000 dollar investment. So how did this happen? Simple. I purchased the two damsels and a coral banded shrimp from a store I don't normally buy stock from, and lo and behold, they don't protect their customers from parasites, viruses and bacterial infection which subsequently ended up in my tank!! The death toll so far (since Sunday):

  • Tuesday: the rainbow wrasse and a damsel
  • Wednesday: one clown with the other clown looking like he's circling the drain. Second damsel showing signs of distress.

Moral to the story: only buy stock from suppliers who QUARANTINE their new stock and treat them with at least some sort of copper solution prior to sale. Apparently the mob I purchased from on Sunday don't care about their stock OR their customers!! Hopefully the guy I normally purchase from, who's a top bloke and great supplier, might allow me to quarantine my corals and anemone in one of his quarantine tanks while I clean my tank up. If not, add another $150 to the potential loss :( Right now the only indications I have are some very fine white marks on the fish bodies then about 12-24 hours later, they die. Whatever is killing my fish is FAST and it isn't "ich" - despite the white spots. Ich doesn't kill this fast. My guess is some sort of virus or maybe a bacterial infection. It's too fast to be parasitic (which rules out ich).

Like I said - so angry I can hardly see straight!!


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