Support Autism

You may notice the new block on the right hand side. ( Update: Block removed, but link below still works - JG 22-Jan-2011) On November 1st, I am going offline to support and raise awareness of autism (in all it's forms). This is a condition that is very close to my heart and I'd encourage everyone to check out the web site Communication Shutdown to see what this is about. Obviously it would be great if you wanted to throw some coin towards support services for people with this largely misunderstood condition.

Here's a few bits of info about Autism:

  • You can't "acquire" Autism - you're born with it.
  • There is no cure (although with the right support and intervention, many with Autism can, and do, make significant contributions to society).
  • Autism is a spectrum - some people are severely impacted, others seem almost normal
  • Without Autism, NASA, Silicon Valley, MIT and other highly technical institutions probably wouldn't exist! (This is an attempt at humour obviously, but oddly, contains a lot of truth!)

I have seen some research showing Autistic tendencies in some people after various forms of brain trauma, but the jury is still out on whether this is actually "Autism" or some other form of behavioural change.


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