Steady as we go

Not a lot to report but I figured I should provide some sort of update. My shoulder continues to heal, albeit slowly. Physiotherapy is proving to be a great benefit but is a gradual process and I am not particularly well known for my patience in these things. I just want to get better and back to the things I normally do. Nothing more to report on this really, when there's news I'll provide a more detailed update.

Whilst laid up I have been busy reading the course material and associated reference books for my dive instructor's course. I'm really enjoying immersing myself in the theory and having the luxury of time to research beyond the supplied materials. There is so much information available on the Internet! I will get my instructor rating, as soon as I can safely slip into a wetsuit and shoulder a full set of gear.

Recently my Grandmother passed away. She was 90 years old. It wasn't entirely unexpected; her age and health meant it was merely a matter of time. Her life was long and full of successes on many fronts. I'm immensely proud of her and the legacy left in her wake. I miss her but was privileged to be able to read a eulogy on behalf of all the grandchildren. It was quite cathartic to reminisce, taking a stroll through the memories and experiences we all shared with her as her grandchildren.

Really, I'm clutching at straws now - my life has been a bit like "Ground Hog Day", without the toaster in the bath tub obviously. Lots of the same, and now I'm getting itchy to start something new and get out of the house a bit. When that happens, I'll definitely have to write something up.


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