New directions, some reflections

Not long ago, I announced on Facebook a rather radical change in direction for my life both personally and professionally. After almost 20 years working in the information and technology sector, in a number of different roles and industries, I came to the realisation; I really don't like it. I could go on about the many things in this industry I don't like, but rather I would like to focus on my future: nursing!

I recently commenced a Bachelor of Nursing with CSU which I am very excited about and daunted at the same time. Excited to be starting a completely new chapter with a host of unique experiences, skills, and knowledge to look forward to. Daunted because there is so much I don't know and hence so much to learn.

Learning in and of itself it not daunting, but for some reason, I worry I'm not up to the task; am I "smart" enough? Or more correctly, does the innate intelligence which has driven my previous successes translate to nursing?

The other concern I have is that of emotional resilience. Nurses are confronted with many emotionally demanding situations with people in, typically, very vulnerable positions. In the corporate world, where I have spent the majority of my career, people are usually in positions of strength/power and I know the rules dictating those interactions (which I often break, sometimes intentionally too!). How does my previous experience prepare me for nursing, if at all? Is this a skillset I will learn or be taught? Obviously, there are basic principles to apply to nursing, but it's the nuanced subtlety, which I often miss, that causes me some concern.

I fully intend leaving nothing to chance; I will apply every ounce of my being (intellect, emotion, physicality, and determination) to succeed, so I enter this new season of life with confident anticipation of success. However, that doesn't make me immune from pondering what I consider challenges to that future success. It would be foolish not to consider the threats and risks with a new endeavour, or at least in my experience that is generally the case. It will be interesting to revisit this post later and reflect on whether any of these concerns are were valid or even reasonable.


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